My Mission

My mission is to help athletes improve sport performance, reduce injuries and extend careers through curated yoga programs that are relative, accessible, sustainable and effective.

My Style

I teach therapeutic, physical and mental yoga. In general, the programs consist of a systematic series of static postures. I work in depth on breathing techniques and proper alignment to ensure good muscular habits and natural range of motion, as well as what to focus your mind on. I work best with clients who are dedicated, committed, disciplined and teachable. This ensures to me, that they will get the intended results!

My Bio

Kristyn Vollmer has been teaching yoga since 2001. She has over 1500 certified teacher training hours in the Bikram Method and the Ghosh 84 Series. Kristyn owned and operated a full time yoga studio for 10 years and taught numerous elite and pro athletes. From 2017-2019 she worked with doctors and physical therapists at a neurological rehabilitation center, to study and test the effects of yoga on traumatic brain and spine injuries. This deepened her understanding of neuroplasticity and the brain’s ability to change. Kristyn is passionate about the mind’s effect on the body, and using the body as a tool to focus the mind. Kristyn has practiced yoga since she was young and combines her Bikram training with other styles to create custom designed yoga plans based on individual needs.

Kristyn is contracted by the TCU Athletic Department and works closely with several athletes, teams and coaches.

Kristyn opened Next Level Yoga in 2019 to specialize in elite athletic yoga, private instruction and videos.

Kristyn is mom to her son Sam and their dog, Bella. She loves to ski, hike, walk outside, play ball with Sam, be creative, listen to music, prepare healthy yet delicious meals, savor wine, herbs and oils, hang with friends & family, laugh with my parents, take sunset pics, learn to play guitar, and enjoy life- PAIN FREE.