Stand for Something


Welcome to my new site!  I am excited to have a new platform to express my passion and share what I have learned!  One of my childhood influences said, “You gotta stand for something, or you’re going to fall for anything.”  This philosophy stands true today, now more than ever. The purpose of this blog and this new site is to give athletes tools needed to be physically, mentally and emotionally stable, to stand their ground, to be grounded, solid, rooted with the ability to reach for the stars.  There are no limits!  So I am going to start from the bottom and blog my way up…

As a yoga teacher for the past 2 decades, when I hear the word ‘stand’ I think literally…Feet from the ground up.  In this yoga practice, you will literally reconstruct from your feet up.  You will create new habits by realigning yourself from your feet up.  You will learn balance by practicing proper weight distribution in your feet.

Athlete’s foot is for real!  And I am not talking about bacteria.  I am talking about the terrible shape of feet.  The feet so heavily depended on for the game.  It is essential for the feet to be in good shape to hold up the entire body, in balance.  If not, over time, knee, hip & lower back pain will set in.   This series will start to wake up and unlock those dormant spots in your feet and ankles and increase ROM and mobility in the joints, also lubricating and strengthening the tendons and ligaments for better resiliency.    This is just the start of how better alignment, flexibility, coordination and balance can help prevent injuries and extend playing careers.

The definition of stand is to be in an upright position, with the legs straight, supported by one’s feet.  To stand requires balance, equality, a union so to speak, and stability.  To stand for something requires all that, plus bravery, courage, motivation, resliency, knowledge and faith.  The best part of a regular and consistent yoga practice is you get all the physical insurance,  by using your body and breath to lengthen and stretch, PLUS your mental health improves.  With better posture, your head is better balanced on top of your spine, which makes you truly level headed 🙂  You will be able to think and act quicker and have more energy!

With everything going on in the world today, physical and mental health and well being are paramount. I stand to help you prevent injuries, maintain wellness and win in sport and in life.  Stay tuned and let’s keep leveling up!




Most of the athletes I work with are assigned ankle rolls.  This is a simple exercise with big benefits.  Before getting out of bed in the morning and before you step onto your feet, wake them up!  With your legs straight, circle your feet externally 4-5 times, then reverse and circle in.  Make each circle a little bigger than the last.  Use as much of the foot and ankle as possible, flexing and pointing the toes.  This wakes up the feet & the legs by increasing circulation.  If you have another couple minutes before you need to get out of bed, do the Wind Removing Pose.  Bring your right knee to your chest, grab your leg a couple inches below your knee and pull it towards your chest, avoiding your rib cage.  Hold for a few breaths.  Switch sides.  Then do both knees to chest at the same time.  Grab opposite arms over your knees/chins and try to pull knees into chest, keeping the spine as straight as possible.  This opens lower back and hips, stimulates colon, balances acids in the gut, and increases circulation to legs & feet. When you get out of bed and stand up, ground your feet, bring your hands to your hips from behind, contract your quads, glutes & abs, look up, lift up your chest, relax your neck back, bring your teeth together, stretch your eyes up & back as far as you can see, push your hips forward a little bit to open up the whole front side of your body.  Take a couple of breaths and release.

Soaking your feet is also great for relieving tension.  I use a dishpan and add sea salts & some therapeutic oils.  Followed by my foot rollers which I’ve had since college and cannot live without!  If its a challenge for you to separate all of your toes, you will benefit from the toe stretchers after soaking.  You will find these products on my SHOP page!


The Next Level…

Welcome!! Thank you for tuning in!   Next Level Yoga Online is a comprehensive, all sport yoga and wellness program that is relative, accessible and effective. My mission is to help you maintain your mind and body with yoga.  I offer private virtual instruction with supportive and supplemental monthly subscription based services, including videos, tutorials on breathing techniques & postures,  posture benefits, meditations, and mindful techniques for winning physical and mental health.  The program is designed for elite athletes who are serious about their sport and want every tool to continually level up.

Elite & Professional Athletes need strong bodies and strong minds to excel in their sport.  All sports impose unnatural demands on the body.  All sports create imbalance.  That’s just the name of the game.  The good news is, YOGA IS A REMEDY to counterbalance the damaging overuse.  There is a reason professional athletes incorporate yoga into their training program. Science proves yoga is an effective tool to help you heal, repair, strengthen, condition, restore and evolve.  Yoga is a mindful exercise with preventative powers that lead to extending careers.  If you use your body for your career, a regular & consistent yoga practice is essential.

The videos give the benefits of yoga anywhere, anytime in your own space.  I also have a SHOP with many of my favorite tools and products to support good vibes, health and well being.  I use every single product in my SHOP, just not all at the same time 🙂 and I will explain many of the products in posts to come.

Thank you for taking the step to check this out!  Are you ready for your Next Level?  Sign up and get started now!