Practice Guide for Monthly Video Subscription


Yoga is good to practice anytime. Intent is a big player in your experience. I usually intend for my practice to either energize me, restore me, realign me, reset me, release tension, and/or calm my nerves. What you focus on, magnifies. Where thoughts go, energy flows.

It is best to practice yoga on empty stomach. Allow 3-4 hours to digest a meal.

Hydration is essential.

A warm, well ventilated room works the best.

Ideally, I suggest practicing in front of a mirror. The mirror is reflecting what is going on in the body. For example, you can see clearly if one shoulder is higher than the other, and use your intent to correct. The mirror is also a great tool for balancing and keeping your focus on one spot on your body to build unstoppable concentration power.


first things first…


Always breathe in and out through the nose, unless instructed. In class, and in life!

Learning to control your respiration is a huge part of yoga. It is normal to feel light headed and or dizzy in the beginning as you try to lengthen your breaths. It’s ok and it will pass quickly if you stick with it.

Why does this happen?

Breathing is a chemical exchange. When you inhale, you bring in oxygen. When you exhale, you release carbon dioxide. As you learn to consciously control your breath, you bring more oxygen to your blood, which can make you feel dizzy. Try not to focus on it too much by focusing on the instructions you hear. It will pass and you will develop rock star lungs!


There are several videos available to begin building a solid foundation. For best results, practice at least one video every day, even if its just Standing Deep Breathing. The goal is to work hard on getting to know these first few videos. I have practiced these same postures for over 20 years. They are never the same, because every day is different. These are the basics and cover everything needed to develop more strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. There will be new videos added regularly to build on and to keep reaching your NEXT LEVEL.


These videos create a foundation for your practice. They are specific sequences that open and prepare your mind and body in a systematic way. They focus on flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation of the spine, and multi-directional stretching of joints to increase blood flow throughout the body. The instruction throughout the videos is a meditative guide to develop awareness and increase attention span, focus and concentration. Listen carefully as you practice, and concentrate on trying to match your body to the words. You get benefits from understanding what you are trying to do, so keep reaching! You will get to the Next Level with patience, understanding and persistence.

Watch first and do what you can. Listen carefully to instruction. You will hear more everyday as your mind and body open up.

Standing Deep Breathing – Practice this before every video. Most videos have a set of this exercise, but it is highly beneficial to do it twice. If you have no time for anything else, please still do this. This is awesome after a shower in the morning. Also great before training or playing.

This is the best breathing exercise to increase lung capacity, connect the mind & body, and prepare for action It opens up the neck & shoulders first thing, to get things going. It turns EVERYTHING else ON by increased oxygen in the blood, increased circulation and increased mental awareness of what you are physically doing. In the moment Get into a groove. After you work through the coordination it takes to do this exercise, you will be able to tap into a rhythm with your breath.

Magic Reset Effective routine in less than 15 minutes and all you need is a chair. Do this routine on your off days or daily. GREAT BEFORE TRAINING OR PLAYING!

Sun Salutations GOAL= Practice everyday for LIFE! If this seems challenging at first, just do the best you can. The following videos will make this more attainable.

Restore I 30 minutes. Practice this 2-3 times per week. You can alternate Restore I and II.

Restore II 30 minutes. Practice this routine 2-3 times per week. You can alternate Restore I and II.

Energize 50 minutes. More in depth on all levels. Work up to this. Watch first.