Yoga has been scientifically proven to be effective for improving sport performance and health.

Yoga has been scientifically proven to be effective for improving sport performance and health.

Yoga is a mind/body system of postures, breath control and meditation.

Scientific research on yoga has TRIPLED in the past decade. It has been tested and proven to have positive impact on health in numerous ways.

The most obvious benefits to Elite Athletes are the studies that have proven to:

This is achieved by regular and consistent stretching and loosening the connective tissues, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. Balancing flexibility and strength provides more stability and relieves physical pain from overuse.

Yoga increases your awareness of body in space while moving. This is crucial for strength, coordination and preventing injuries.

Yoga uses your own body weight and strengthens muscles that support spinal alignment. Protects bones and increases bone formation. Strengthens muscles for better joint support. Moves fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to cartilage and throughout all parts of the body and brain

Yoga reduces stress hormones and chronic stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This keeps you calm under pressure by improving the ability to remain focused and not be ruled by emotions.

The sequencing of postures, combined with proper breathing and focus, increases blood flow throughout the body. This aids in quicker recovery and increased energy levels.


Science has also proven the following benefits of yoga:

1. Yoga helps you control how to cope with stress.
2. Yoga increases resilience to stress on all levels, from molecular DNA to brain chemistry, as well as muscles, joints and bones.
3. Yoga has been proven to control heart rate and blood pressure.
4. Yoga is a natural anti-oxidant. It reverses the effects of oxidative stress.
5. Yoga reduces inflammation. It increases anti-inflammatory proteins and decreases cytokines that are pro inflammatory. This clears cholesterol and fats from artery walls and help control blood sugar.
6. Yoga strengthens your immune system by lowering levels of cortisol and helps produce more proteins that defend.
7. Yoga protects your DNA. Science shows that yoga protects from stress, even at the molecular DNA level. Protects cells from wear & tear of aging.
8. Yoga improves exercise capacity, oxygen levels and quality of life.

How does yoga do all of this???

Aligning with natural forces and utilizing universal laws

Utilizing gravity, body weight & polarity

Systematic sequencing of postures

Holding postures, breathing and being still for a certain time

Breathing techniques calm nervous system

Improves vagal tone to reduce inflammation

Postures promote alignment for better circulation

Directing blood flow to muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, organs & glands

Effective multidirectional stretching

Circulation creates suppleness & resiliency

Alignment & balance create stability

Concentration on what you are doing increases focus

Increased listening skills and intuition

Understanding what you are trying to do

Applying right effort and intensity

Flexion, extension, elongation, compression & twisting

Applied torque and tourniquet effect

Increasing natural range of motion

Increasing joint fluid production

Builds trust and self confidence

Regular & consistent 2 times per week is key

Continually reaching your next level